What is Veteran Life Insurance?

Veteran's life insurance is simply affordable coverage for those who have served our country through military service. You've protected the country, so it's our turn to protect you. We offer plans for both former service members and active duty members.

You can choose from term life or final expense insurance. These will ensure that your loved ones won't be burdened with your funeral and burial costs and your outstanding bills. You can also leave money behind for your loved ones to replace your income or to prepare for future expenses, like college tuition.

Is Veteran's Life Insurance right for me?

If you've been in the military and want affordable coverage for you family, our plans are probably a good fit for you. See for yourself if you're interested in the benefits below.

  • Affordable coverage for active duty service members and veterans
  • Cover your funeral and burial expenses
  • Protect your loved ones' future
  • Cover your mortgage, medical bills, and other outstanding expenses
  • Leave money for beneficiaries without probate
  • Get term life or final expense insurance
  • Have your premiums refunded if your policy expires
  • Get living benefits if you become seriously ill
  • Get coverage for your spouse and children under the same plan

If you're interested in protecting your family with affordable coverage, contact us today and we'll have a representative contact you as soon as possible. We're thankful that you served our country, so let us serve you!